About Günko

About Us

Welcome to Günko industrial.

Günko is a leading 19″ Rack cabinet manufacturer company for Telecommunications infrastructure sector.

We began for industrial steel roof construction manufacturing in 1974 as a small-scale entrepreneur and over the same timeframe as a different line of production we invested for outdoor type air condition central panels with some brands which are on global scale.

With the contributions of that companies we served, we successfully adopted of continuous improvement in matters such as metal production and quality control as the main principle of production.

In 2004 Günko entered a new phase of expansion and decided to expand its manufacturing capacity for Telecom infrastructure market. We started to produce product groups that we are specialized in manufacturing of 19″ Rack Cabinets, wide range of accessories, Data center Hot/Cold aisles as and Outdoor type IP-Rated enclosures by having the necessary international certificates and test reports.

Today with all metal shaping experience of over 45 years, we continue to increase our market share both in Turkey and globally with well known cabling and connectivity solution providers for their end to end telecommunication projects, as well as taking firm steps towards growth.

Core Values and Company Vision.

Over the course of Günko history, many products have come and gone as markets changed and customers refined their needs for IT infrastructures, but we are determined not to give up to continues manufacturing products with the same quality principles with the first day’s faith and courage.

Our Mission

To be a company that does not deviate from its goal of high quality production in the international arena and increases its worldwide recognition day by day.