It may be a small part of your total network investment but the right infrastructure enclosures can provide an enormous benefits , you can extend the life of your system by choosing the right enclosure
and cooling systems, the product quality makes the difference between success and frustration, as everyone knows the demands of reliable and efficient data transmission requires the highest level of uninterrupted system performance.
We improve our self continuously in order to follow the modern style of today’s technology as closely as possible in a harmonisation, Gunko new generation Elegant and server rack models now offers a full range of high-reliability products for networking environments, rack cabinets has been designed for higher density cabling and connectivity system applications and also offers ease, density, availability,affordability and scalability together, it’s a well-engineered Rack cabinets offers you a high level of versatility and flexibility for routing high density cable bundles.
Networking enclosures house more equipment when you compared to the past technologies , it is inevitable for us to improve our product range in parallel with innovative communication technology devices and components,
Welded frames are providing an enough robustness for a comfortable storage , Elegant & Server rack cabinets providing a safe housing for your network, its also made a sturdy steel construction for a high load carrying capacity.
Elegant Pro / Elegant Net / Eegant Wall and Server Rack IT cabinets offers the permanent solution for management of Network devices and cables. The unique and effective product range is the ideal solution to support your high cost and valuable network and server devices 

Gunko Network and Serer Rack cabinets comply with international standards of EN-61287-1 / IEC 60297 norms ,the width of the mounting rails (19 inch), horizontal and vertical measurement of the mounting holes, the size of the equipment cabinets and other measurements has been standardized.
Rack cabinets are designed to solve the problems of today’s networking operations with it is large internal volume providing a unique work space and cabling accessibility, modular structure also providing extremely space efficient, saving significant amounts of money for the customers by reducing shipping and storage costs.
Rack cabinets is employed in the most various environments, as industrial installations, IT/ Broadcasting, Telecommunication, railway, military industry, communication and data centers.

     Gunok Group steel structures in 1974 and began his career in the metal industry,  professional experience with functional products combining the technology and quality products and aims to ensure continuous production.

    Gunko Industrial Systems Ind. and Co.Ltd. As it has entered a restructuring process in 2005. In 2012, the brand image by investing in advanced technology NO technologies have made investments in the channel, with organizations and institutions to today’s technology and R & D efforts are producing innovative products.

         Gunko that improves with each passing day the product range targeting national and international markets, with the long-term promise of lasting customer relationships in the sector will continue to take place at a location…

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