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    • TSE-ISO-EN 9001:2008
    • EN 61587-1
    • EN 62208
    • TSE EN 61587-1
    • CE- 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directivei

Soho Win

SOHO WIN 19’’ wall mounting cabinets provide an aesthetic, functional and economic solution for cabling installations. SOHO WIN cabinets are designed to ensure the protection of all active and passive devices and contains additional functions to facilitate cable management with user friendly design and high tech production quality.
Solid and robust structure provide high load carrying capacity with slim design. At the same time ensuring user safety is our highest priority. SOHO WIN series cabinets can be used wherever 19” mounting space is needed like a hotels, schools, hospitals and offices.
Cabinets provide 2 parts 19” rack mounting area as 3U vertical +2U horizontal.
Top cover are easily openable, lockable with single point locking mechanism, opening angle is 180o. Also top cover includes plexiglass angled win-dow as optionally.
Main body made from pre-galvanized steel. It’s include a lot of slots for passive ventilation and user friendly tie-wrap point for cable management.
The standard ventilation method is passive but could be use 80x80mm axial fans for forced ventilation.
Cabinets include 4pcs 50x100mm cable entry slots.

Soho Win

3U Soho Win