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Front Doors of Pi Wall

Front doors are easily removable with spring hinged, single point locking mechanism, opening angle is 135º, opening direction is right from left. Also, its changeable opening directions with springe hinge. Front door are produced as decorative metal framed 4mm tempered glass.

For 450mm depth, there are only 1 pair forwardbackward movable and 3 times twisted, zinc plated and U marked 19” mounting rails. Second pair is an option and should ordered as extra. For 600mm depth, there are 2 pair 19” mounting rails.

Rear Panel:

Rear panel made from steel are fixed by screws to main body.

There are 4 hanging holes and it is used for template to drilling wall.

Firstly, rear panel are fixed onto wall. Secondly main body are fixed onto rear panel.

With these user friendly assembling method, only one person could built cabinets easily at installation area.

Furthermore, It is possible to change rear panel with spring hinged door and cabinet easily transform to free standing racks and fully accessible from 4 sides.


All Pi wall series cabinets has mounting holes for levelling feet or castors. Pi Wall are usable with levelling feet or castors as like a floor standing racks.

Unique Design..

Pi Wall Series cabinets are designed to ensure the protection of all active and passive devices and contains additional functions to facilitate cable management with user friendly design and high tech production quality.

Solid and robust structure provide high load carrying capacity. At the same time ensuring user safety is our highest priority. Pi wall series cabinets can be used wherever 19” mounting space is needed.

Main features is usable delivery method as knockdown (flat-pack). Although this cabinets designed for mounting onto wall, it could be used as floor standing cabinets with castors or levelling feet.

The non-openable and fixed side panels are basic element of structure and provide rigidity.

2 pair, Forward-backward movable and 3 times twisted, zinc plated and U marked 19” mounting rails provide an excellent installation flexibility.

Front door includes 4mm smoked colour and no-sharp edges tempered glass.

Pi Wall series cabinets has wide product variety; there are 5 different U height from 7U to 20U and depth as 450mm and 600mm.

Ventilation System

The upper frame includes assembling space for fan modules and forced air ventilation ensured by axial fans. The fan modules have got some combinations with number of fans and thermostat control method. 1 and 2 fans.

Analog or digital thermostat provide managing of operating temperature set up values inside of the rack. In this way, provide long life fan modules.

Cable Entries

Bottom and top frame include sliding section and adjustable width for more cable entries into rack. These spaces are covered by rubber. Rubber prevents dust entries in to rack and cables from sharp edges.

Floor Standing Pi Wall

600x450 mm

600x600 mm