Our Vision

      Gunko, with 41 years of experience in advanced technology to develop and adopt the principles of total quality management continuously work towards the continuity of the satisfaction of customers and employees.

Our Mission

      Our main duty as Gunko, information technology products, in line with the expectations of our customers fast, high-quality, functional, and to design products that are competitive, to produce, to provide national and international markets.

The Continuity of Quality Management

  Provide measurable improvements to our processes at every stage, be innovative and competitive in a line systems continuously improve our products and to ensure the continuity of the development of our human resources, to adopt continuous improvement as a way of life.

Natural Environmental Awareness

As Gunko, which we see as the greatest legacy we leave to future environment.

    Gunko, production standards and shows high accuracy in our sensitivity to the environment of our products, the continuous development aims beyond the matters mentioned in the necessary laws and regulations.