Steel construction in many product groups in 1974 and began production in the sheet metal sector activities. Celebrating its 41 year Günok Group, construction, automation, ships, fuel, energy, communication, services provided thousands of products in hundreds of types of electronic and information technology industries.

   Guno Group customers with the purposes and Six Sigma approach is to be able to give the best service to carry out the production and development process. On behalf of the industry to take more active roles in developing with each passing day it continues to make new investments.

   Günok Group PVC products group;

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   Günok Group entered into a restructuring process in 2005 to address Gunko Industrial Fog biiliş in the sector. Ind. and Co.Ltd. It has set. Data and Network Cabinets other IT products with the requested our group started production in developing technologies continues to produce a variety of products. The main ones;

– 19 “Data and Network Cabinets
– Indoor and Outdoor Fiber Optic Cabinets
– Computer and Console Products
– Electrical switchboards (indoor / outdoor)
– It continues to produce products such as metal cable channels.
   6,000 tons / year capacity of metalworking 100% customer satisfaction targeted Gunko, as the functional product design and pricing policy as well as the latest technology machines rakabetç the track continues to improve.

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